I wanted to create this page so you can see my process and the meaning behind the 108 Hamsa. There are a few questions that need to be answered, but you do not have to read all the explaination and skip to the pictures and process if you desire. Why 108? http://www.swamij.com/108.htm Why Hamsa? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamsa Why the spiral? The hand-held labyrinth or spiral is a powerful meditation tool, helping to quiet the mind and allowing time for personal reflection. As your fingers trace the path toward the center, you are drawn deeper into yourself, toward your own center; as you trace the path back out, you emerge with new-found clarity and connection to your true self. http://www.divinetemplatecreations.com/sacred_geometry/labyrinths.html I have been making the Hamsa for many years, but usually only a few at a time. I am not sure exactly how many I have made over the years. After one of my meditations where I was using the 108 beaded mala, I came up with the idea of making the 108 Hamsa. Each one is unique, even though there is a mold. Just like each one of us on this earth is unique, but all walk in the human body. As each piece is sold, they are going out into the world, but forever connected to the whole. My fingers smooth the clay into the mold, it dries to leather hard, then I cut away the excess clay, shaping the edges and finally cleaning them before it dries completly. After it is bisque fired in the kiln, iron oxide is brushed on, and glass is placed in the center. It is refired to cone 6, melting the glass. The mold was made from an original clay piece that I created, using my hand as the form. When the clay was leather hard, I pourd the plaster around the clay to create a mold. The clay was removed and destroyed in the process.
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108 Hamsa

The Story of 108 Hamsa

Woohoo! I have a 108 ready to go into the bisque kiln!
The kiln is loaded. Keep your fingers crossed!
Yay! They all survived the bisque firing!
Next, giving them all a couple coats of Iron Oxide and adding glass. Then they go back into the kiln to be fired again.
I have found some beautiful gold fabric. So, I decided to make little pillows for the Hamsa to rest on. Unfortuantly, there is only enough material to make 40. I will give a pillow with the first 40 that I sell.
Make sure to come to the reception and see the whole “installation” on August 5, 2-4pm at Liquidambar Gallery and Gifts in downtown Pittsboro!
The colors of the glass are in line with the different Chakras.