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Over the past few months people keep asking HOW and WHERE I learned creating Surface Pattern Design. I took Anne LaFollettes’ FREE Doodles to Dollars course! If you know someone who is interested in this Free class, share this link with them:
Anne also offers a much more in depth class: Pattern Design Academy please feel free to share this link with people who may be interested: https://members.artwithanne.com/a/16565/zrbjmGwH
Please make sure to use my links when signing up for the courses. As an alumni of Anne’s, I am also an affiliate! ALSO, if you sign up and need any help along the way, please let me know! I am more than ready to help you!
Anne uses Adobe Illustrator for her Doodles to Dollars class. You get a free trial for one week (which is long enough to take this class). Click the link to sign up for Adobe! ADOBE SIGN-UP
Some of my favorite things to use for this class: (these are not needed, but just helpful).
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Pattern Design